Business Need

  • A trending Insurance company that uses PeopleSoft application for all their Recruiting, Performance Management and Compensation requirements for 500 insurance companies.
  • A PeopleSoft application for an Insurance Company for all Recruiting, Performance Management and Compensation requirements for 500 insurance companies.
  • To enhance the functionality of their talent management processes and to reduce the overall cost of system maintenance, they were evaluating a move to Cloud

Technology Platform

Workforce Compensation

Performance Management

Goal Management

Talent Review

Succession Planning

Oracle Taleo Cloud Recruiting


Oracle HCM Cloud

Appsseer Tech Solution

  • The existing PeopleSoft application that was the customer’s system of record, was seamlessly integrated with Oracle HCM Cloud
  • Oracle HCM Cloud has dedicated this company to the existing PeopleSoft application
  • The employee data needed for Talent Management, Workforce Compensation and Recruiting/Onboarding was configured, converted and scheduled for subsequent updates in Oracle HCM Cloud
  • Three key integrations had to be performed during the project:
  • Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) integration (bi- directional) from Cloud Recruiting to Oracle HCM CloudIntegration from Cloud
  • Recruiting to PeopleSoft application
  • Integration from HCM Cloud to PeopleSoft


  • Legacy systems and manual processes were replaced with the best-in-class Oracle Cloud Talent Management suite
  • This enabled the customer utilize new functionalities in Talent Management and Workforce Compensation which were not available in the PeopleSoft application
  • Systemization of the recruiting and onboarding process helped increase application efficiency
  • Modern best practices were introduced, eliminating several manual paper-based processes
  • Managers gained visibility to the data, forcing ownership of the data
  • The customer adopted the SaaS module philosophy and have taken complete ownership of their processes from a functional perspective
  • Following the move to Cloud, the customer is able to enjoy lowered costs and robust talent management processes

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