PCL Resume Parsing

Why to choose PCL Resume Parsing? 

Our Differentiators
– We believe in flexible pricing. We don’t want to lock in our customers with annual pricing.

– With us, you have the freedom of choice, and you have multiple parsing for your choosing.

– We understand investment limitations, so to promote inclusion, we have options that don’t require any long term investment.

– We help with the opportunity to save 80% in terms of time and costs for a company eligible with less than 2000 resume parsing in a month that results in substantial saving in Resume Parsing investments.

Resume Parsing is the process of transforming an unstructured resume / CV into a structured format. It also helps recruiting teams process and manage high volumes of candidate data and transform it further to search, filter and rank candidates.

Our Resume Parsing will streamline your process and give you one place to send all your resumes that your company received. This Parser will always check the existing database before adding any new Resume, hence you will only get the unique resume in your database. PCL Resume Parsing will help the recruiting team to create a better experience, excludes manual data entry, and allows an improved search. It helps recruiting teams create a better candidate experience, eliminates manual data entry, and enables better search.

Our Resume Parsing Product will provide a better user and candidate experience. It will not just include your personal details like name, email and phone number but it will also import all the other details such as education, Skill, Background, Work Experience, etc.

Also, resume tracking is available on a single button, which makes it super easy and efficient for the recruiter.

Smooth integration PCL resume / CV parsing integrates smoothly into your Oracle Recruiting Cloud. To know more about the benefit of resume Parsing contact PayrollCloud Limited.

Global Support: PCL provides 24X7 Support services for our customers.

Multilanguage: No barriers for the specific language. PCL Resume Parsing solution
available in multiple languages.

Truly Scalable: It allows you to access thousands of resumes every single time, which
can be extended without any limit.