Reduce your operation cost and Gain efficiency with PayrollCloud Manages Serviced for Oracle HCM Cloud

Business Requirement:

The client had significant problems with their ticketing system and the stability of the Oracle Fusion system was negatively affected by improper execution of projects. There had been several instances where the production system was down, requiring a shutdown of all operations until the problem was resolved. Due to the problems with many critical business processes, this client decided to award PayrollCloud Corp.100% of the Application Management Support (AMS).

  • On several occasions, the company was also unable to provide access to their users, due to a problem caused by a functional configuration deployed to the production system without proper testing in the quality assurance system.
  • The client also complained of poor response time for Support Tickets that were entered into the ticketing system. Several tickets had been open for a long time without any resolution.
  • The client also complained that they did not get proper communication on some of the major issues to resolve them.
  • Even if the issues have been resolved, the client was not updated for the same by any medium of communication.
  • High priority tickets need to resolve as soon as possible, or must get updates on a daily basis until the problem is resolved.
  • Desired status of each & every ticket.

Business Challenges:

Transferring Application Management support to a new partner is never an easy task. The keychallenges are:

  • Having a huge count of tickets in one single day becomes quite difficult to address every ticket on time with a limited number of resources.
  • On several occasions, because of insufficient user information, many tickets have been open for a long time without any resolution.
  • Many times, Tickets have been resolved by the service consultants, but didn’t get user confirmation on the same, because of which the numbers of active tickets remain the same.
  • When the implementation cycle of a particular module starts, the count on tickets increases to an extent that it becomes difficult to manage all the tickets with a limited number of resources.
  • There are some Access or Role Change tickets that need the IT support first to provide them access. In this case we need to segregate such tickets and transfer it to the IT Support Team.
  • Enhancement is like a mini project, it took more time so we need to prioritize such tickets which require enhancement.
  • Need to extend availability of service consultants who handle requests within.
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) times and, most importantly, separate processes for small, medium and large developments in the systems.
  • To provide high-quality support services, it was crucial to select and use the appropriate IT tools to support the incident, and requested items in order to provide the solution in time and not to breach SLA.


    • SDLC process comprises Initiation (Intake), Solution (analysis, design, build, and test) and Deploy phase.
    • Approvals are triggered at every phase to business/IT users.
    • Take approval from the Core Team during the weekly call.
    • Client users will create the ticket in the Service Now portal. The ticket is evaluated by the IT support team and assigned a severity level and assigned to an appropriate Assignment Group (HCM Group or Taleo Group) in Service Now.
    • AMS team consists of following Tier Supports which is based on the requests received by user & divided into 2 main groups:
    • L1 Support: simple requests that can be processed quickly • If the issue is access management or the user management related such as Access or Role change, small defect, Update email, Goals, then L1 Team will resolve the issue
    • L2 Support: More difficult requests that require more time to handle • If the issue needs further support, then the L2 Support team will decide whether the issue is Functional (Configuration change) or Technical (Report, Integration, Data Load).
    • To manage the huge amount of tickets, the status of New, Assigned, Work In Progress tickets are checked first, on a daily basis and take follow up with Assignee (who is working on the ticket), then all the Pending ticket that are either Pending from User end, Dependency on SDLC intake, or Depends on Oracle SR are being checked.

    • Added action items on each & every ticket on a daily basis in order to keep track of the recent updates on the tickets.
    • Added tag to each ticket as soon as it comes to HCM Support to know the reason for the ticket to be opened by just looking at them.
    • In order to get additional information from the user, Reminder mails are sent or work notes are added to the tickets in an interval of 2 to 3 days. So that the user provides the required information as soon as possible.
    • In order to get the confirmation from users on resolved tickets, confirmation emails are sent to know whether the issues have been resolved from their end or not.
    • To solve some critical issues, WebEx calls are scheduled with the user as per actual needs through timely discussions.
    • In order to maintain early responses on requested item tickets, reminder mails are sent to users in a timely manner to get the approval as per their organizational hierarchy, so that we can move further to provide the solution.
    • Prioritize the ticket based on urgency, and escalate accordingly. o Documentation with instructions and screenshots will be provided as the technical or functional consultants come up with the solutions.

    Business Benefit Delivered:

    Application Management Services (AMS) help clients’ journey from transition to transformation and get maximum business value out of their technology investments. Through its flexible delivery models, industry best practices, and highly experienced AMS resources, PayrollCloud designs a customized model to meet your business objectives. By working together closely with client department heads, and SMEs, our team is able to resolve tickets that have been in progress for a long time within just a matter of a few weeks. PayrollCloud quickly gained the support and trust of all department heads, and subject matter experts.
    bussiness benefit
    • In weekly presentations, overall status of Incident & Requested items is summarized, which define that in the past week, how many tickets came to us & how many tickets we have resolved.
    • Prepare a weekly Trend Analysis report on Open vs. resolved tickets.
    • Also prepare discussion points with the clients like new Oracle upgrades & deployments etc.
    • Following this process will prevent changes from being transported into the production system before through testing has been completed.
    • The presence of user engagement creates a central easily accessible point of contact and accurate and timely flow of information between PayrollCloud and the client.
    • Effort estimation is extremely important for the success of the overall solution delivery.
    • In cases where the amount of the estimated effort exceeds the amount of the actual effort, there is a possibility that human resources are committed to the project to a greater extent than necessary. Therefore, an accurate project effort estimate affects the efficient use of existing resources.
    Our team was no longer fighting the pre-existing fires, and we had moved on to improving the system, leveraging new functionality, and developing new custom transactions and reports. The client no longer has to be reactive, but can be proactive in planning for the future of their ERP platform.