Payroll complexities implemented with Standard features


For Partial Load Faculty, extra time is accounted for every Teaching contact hour. Such extra time is for course preparation, etc. But such Faculty has hourly rate based on the Teaching Contact hour.


  • Mark works as a partial load instructor. He was paid for 27 hours of teaching on the April 27th pay (period beginning April 1 and ending April 14): His Rate is 95.33 for each Teaching Contact hour. 
  • His insurable earnings are noted under the period end date of April 14. You will notice his EI insurable hours are 27 X 2.17 = 58.59 
  • This factor of 2.17 needs to be taken into consideration when setting up the ROE details for such Partial Load faculty hours.

Over View

  • Total Hours worked: 27 
  • Salary: 95.93$/Hr 
  • Total Earning: 27*95.93 = 2573.91 
  • Total Insurable Hours = 27*2.17 = 58.59


  • Extra hours will not have accounted for every teaching contact hours for Partial load faculty 
  • Employee EI Hours will not increase for partial load

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