PayrollCloud's Oracle Cloud Support

Starting from $3,249 per month

Oracle HCM Managed Services

Payroll Year End support
Benefits Year End Support
Workforce Compensation Cycle Support
Annual Maintenance Support

Key Services

  • Functional User Support
  • Cloud Patching Assistance
  • Upgrade Checklist
  • Training
  • Service Request Management
  • Issue Resolution
  • Documentation Enhancements
  • Custom Report Requirements
  • Cloud Upgrades
  • Testing
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Minor Enhancements
  • Reporting Performance
  • Functionality Enhancement
  • New Feature Reviews and Outlining
  • Payroll Year End Support
  • Benefit Year End Support
  • Workforce Compensation Cycle Support
  • Annual Maintenance Support


DifferentiatorsPayrollCloudBig Consulting Cs
Quality of resourcesHigh Quality with prior Implementation Exp.Junior resources or Resources brought from non-specialized areas
New feature ImplementationNo additional costImplemented at additional cost ($$$)
Cost-effectivenessNo hidden costAdditional Cost for various Add-on services
Utilization in Implementation ProjectsPayrollCloud resources has have high HCM & Taleo implementation experience, and can be used anytime for implementation Additional cost or Incapable resources

Leverage Our HCM & TALEO Expertise in HR Managed Services

  • Expertise in resolving issues in Integrations (Taleo , ADP and other third party providers.)
  • Ready to use Test Scripts
  • Predefined Solutions For Legislation Specific Requirements
  • Ready to use fast formulas for legislation specific requirements
  • 25+ Oracle Cloud HCM & Taleo Expert Employees
  • HCM specific reusable components
  • Automation tools for improved efficiency that are used in HR applications
  • Client readiness checklist
  • Knowledge-sharing initiatives across HCM projects
  • Data Templates for HCM
  • Key User Training Manuals

Higher Quality, Reduced Cost

  • Minimized Maintenance cost
  • Flexible pricing models for immediate cost savings
  • Enhanced application stability
  • Improved user experience and satisfaction
  • Faster availability of new features
  • Improved focus on innovations that meet new market needs
  • Enhanced performance

Service Levels

Level 1 service
  • At this level, the maintenance is provided by the user help desk. The dedicated team is assigned to screen the issue and allocate the task of resolution to appropriate owner.
Level 2 service​
  • Functional and Technical support of existing install
  • Service Request Management with Oracle
  • Functional and Technical Issue resolution
  • Cloud Patching assistance
  • Cloud upgrade
  • Documentation enhancements
  • Training
Level 3 service​
  • New feature reviews and outlining new functionality in upcoming releases
  • Functionality enhancements
  • Setup of new functionality
  • Custom Reporting Requirements

Discuss flexible pricing models for immediate cost savings