PayrollCloud's Oracle Cloud Support

Starting from $3,249 per month

Oracle HCM Managed Services

Payroll Year End support
Benefits Year End Support
Workforce Compensation Cycle Support
Annual Maintenance Support

Key Services

  • Functional User Support
  • Cloud Patching Assistance
  • Upgrade Checklist
  • Training
  • Service Request Management
  • Issue Resolution
  • Documentation Enhancements
  • Custom Report Requirements
  • Cloud Upgrades
  • Testing
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Minor Enhancements
  • Reporting Performance
  • Functionality Enhancement
  • New Feature Reviews and Outlining
  • Payroll Year End Support
  • Benefit Year End Support
  • Workforce Compensation Cycle Support
  • Annual Maintenance Support


DifferentiatorsPayrollCloudBig Consulting Cs
Quality of resourcesHigh Quality with prior Implementation Exp.Junior resources or Resources brought from non-specialized areas
New feature ImplementationNo additional costImplemented at additional cost ($$$)
Cost-effectivenessNo hidden costAdditional Cost for various Add-on services
Utilization in Implementation ProjectsPayrollCloud resources has have high HCM & Taleo implementation experience, and can be used anytime for implementation Additional cost or Incapable resources

Leverage Our HCM & TALEO Expertise in HR Managed Services

  • Expertise in resolving issues in Integrations (Taleo , ADP and other third party providers.)
  • Ready to use Test Scripts
  • Predefined Solutions For Legislation Specific Requirements
  • Ready to use fast formulas for legislation specific requirements
  • 25+ Oracle Cloud HCM & Taleo Expert Employees
  • HCM specific reusable components
  • Automation tools for improved efficiency that are used in HR applications
  • Client readiness checklist
  • Knowledge-sharing initiatives across HCM projects
  • Data Templates for HCM
  • Key User Training Manuals

Higher Quality, Reduced Cost

  • Minimized Maintenance cost
  • Flexible pricing models for immediate cost savings
  • Enhanced application stability
  • Improved user experience and satisfaction
  • Faster availability of new features
  • Improved focus on innovations that meet new market needs
  • Enhanced performance

Service Levels

Level 1 service
  • At this level, the maintenance is provided by the user help desk. The dedicated team is assigned to screen the issue and allocate the task of resolution to appropriate owner.
Level 2 service​
  • Functional and Technical support of existing install
  • Service Request Management with Oracle
  • Functional and Technical Issue resolution
  • Cloud Patching assistance
  • Cloud upgrade
  • Documentation enhancements
  • Training
Level 3 service​
  • New feature reviews and outlining new functionality in upcoming releases
  • Functionality enhancements
  • Setup of new functionality
  • Custom Reporting Requirements

Discuss flexible pricing models for immediate cost savings

Oracle HCM Managed Services

Payroll Year End Support

We provide the year end support for your payroll activities to solicit your legislative compliance.We also have same packages for start of year process.

Benefits Year End Support

Special service for US and Canada for benefit year end support is our well known service for this legislation.

Workforce Compensation Cycle Support

We provide Compensation and Appraisal cycle support globally to achieve this business agenda with ease and accuracy.

Annual Maintenance Support

We provide Annual maintenance support as well as resource augmentation for your current Oracle cloud system.