Oil & Gas Case Study

Client Is a large Oil and Gas Company where more than 20,000 employees , where majority of its workforce is in the oilfields, manufacturing units need sophisticated mechanisms of Biometric Time Devices.

Solution Implemented

  • End to end solution of Time Entry, Time Calculation, and transfer to Payroll for Payments.
  • Time Devices of various kinds of Biometric solutions ( Fingerprint based, Facial Recognition (using eyes Retina), and other sophisticated technologies).

  • Real time integration, PayrollCloud developed proprietary software that integrates any form of time devices and Oracle Time Cloud Software.

  • Further, PayrollCloud (PCL) has over 100+ time calculation rules that are relevant in the UK jurisdiction based on Time Rules, Employment Act, Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA).


  • The main complexity of the Time Implementation is the calculation of the Overtime, Shift Premiums, Evening Premium, Holiday Pay.